"Poverty is the hardest nut to crack"



"Unity against the pandemic", "coordination and prevention", "socio-economic development", "important scientific advances", "productive and labor recovery", "fight against poverty" and "reform and opening" for "the construction" of "A modern socialist country" are some of the achievements and objectives set by the president Xi Jinping in his New Years speech.

The effects of Covid-19 marked a good part of a message where the leader of the People's Republic of China expressed his, "condolences to all the patients who, unfortunately, contracted the disease." With special recognition to the "innumerable people who risked their lives to protect the people," the also general secretary of the Communist Party of China was "proud" of "all heroes", "ordinary" and "extraordinary" people, he insisted. . "Courage," he added, "and perseverance, become more notable in the face of adversity."

With a focus on managing "the unexpected Covid-19 epidemic," the President of the People's Republic of China celebrated the "great successes" achieved thanks to the "Coordination in the prevention and control of the epidemic". With them, he assured, it was possible "to build a steel wall to protect life."

At the economic level, Xi Jinpin rescued that China was "the first of the main economies to achieve positive growth" despite the Covid-19 shock and, according to official estimates, he calculated that "national GDP" in 2020 will reach "one hundred trillions of yuan. "

Satisfied with the balance of the XIII Five-Year Plan, expressed renewed expectations for the programs of the XIV Plan of the «next five years». He also stressed that, despite "floods" and other natural disasters, "cereal crops", a vital industry for the country, "obtained good harvests for the seventeenth consecutive year."

As part of the balance of his administration, the man who has led the course of China since March 2013 celebrated what he called "a decisive victory in the toughest battle" as is «The fight against poverty», the «hardest nut to crack», according to his expression. Xi Jinpin recalled his visit to "14 areas in China" where the population lived in "conditions of extreme poverty."

In "8 years," he detailed, "almost 100 million residents of rural areas lived in difficult conditions" but today they have managed to overcome them and "832 districts" have come out of the "poverty line." Between satisfaction and challenge, the president warned: "We cannot relax, we must work conscientiously to revitalize rural areas and move forward with firm steps" because "the objective - he encouraged - is to enrich ourselves together."

China's "Reform and Opening-up" "created the miracle of development," he said. His remarks mark the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zones and the 30th anniversary of the opening of the Pudong district of Sanghai. In this context, he announced, "we are going to deepen the reform and expand the opening with more firmness and determination."

"Community of Shared Future for Humanity" was a featured concept in Xi Jinping's last message of the year. The president of China pointed to the need to maintain an international common front to "clear the skies cloudy by the pandemic as soon as possible", but also to "build, with great efforts, a better home on the planet."

Seventh President of the People's Republic of China, current Secretary General of the Communist Party of China and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Xi Jinping recalled that this year marks the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party. "The little red ship", as he referred to the PC, "has become a great ship that is piloting China towards a sustainable future." On that route, he added, "we are at the historic crossroads of the Two Centennial Goals" that will give way to "the new expedition of the integral construction of a modern socialist country."

Xi Jinping reviewed his participation in international conferences and multilateral meetings "in the cloud" in 2020 and celebrated "the important scientific advances" developed, among others, with the launch of "the Mars Tianwen-1 probe, Chang'e-5 lunar probe, and the manned submersible Fendouzhe ».

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