Postwar, Nazis, espionage, sex … | Culture

Postwar, Nazis, espionage, sex ... | Culture

Great adventure story to several bands, life adventures, sentimental (and erotic), war and espionage, Dr. García's patients It is an exciting reading novel as well as a brilliant literary construction. The story of those three men whose lives intersect again and again and who are forced to adopt false identities requires an extremely careful and fine narrative, which must function as a clockwork mechanism. Three impostors, two losers of the Civil War and one winner but defeated in World War II – a soldier of the Blue Division re-enlisted in the Waffen SS – mix their destinies in a plot without rest.

The main thread is a dangerous operation to infiltrate the Nazi network in Madrid that draws war criminals from Europe to look for accommodation outside. Guillermo García Medina, the title doctor, reprisal for his militancy on the Republican side – in which he practices the first blood transfusions in combat – is involved in the plans to dismantle the brown web with his old comrade Manuel Arroyo Benítez, who It replaces the third character, the divisional and former boxer Adrián Gallardo disappeared in the hecatomb of the Third Reich.

The argument gives rise to Almudena Grandes to enjoy as a crazy reinventing as his characters to Clarita Stauffer, Valkyrie of our particular national Odessa, and Otto Skorzeny himself, Hitler's former SS commando chief favorite, became a prosperous businessman in Francoist Spain and one of the factótums of the comrades' escape network.

Only by the meticulous and tremendously credible reconstruction of that network and its way of acting is it worth reading the novel. But there is more: a magnificent moral portrait of post-war Spain, a walk documented by the horror of the Second World War on the Eastern Front – attention to what is explained about what Spanish soldiers knew about atrocities Nazis and the Holocaust-, and the atmosphere that existed in exile. And also, an intense history of passion (even love) with echoes of the author of The ages of Lulu and high erotic voltage. Postwar, Nazis, espionage, sex and a lot of good literature.


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