September 26, 2020

Postponement of the Games due to the coronavirus “Tokyo 2021 sounds great”

For a phone call. So he met Enhamed Enhamed (32 years, Las Palmas) what many feared and that unfortunately was seen to go. The Tokyo Olympics, which were to open next July 24, to be postponed until summer 2021 due to the coronavirus epidemic that is hitting the world. This was announced yesterday morning by the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, after having a telephone conversation with the president of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach. “I have heard the news because several journalists have contacted me, I had not heard anything,” confesses the blind swimmer in a phone conversation with LA RAZÓN. “I had to report running. I have been avoiding the news for as long as possible for four days, ”adds the man who is considered one of the best Paralympic athletes in our country and who will have to wait, for another year at the earliest, for the Spanish anthem to play again in top of the podium. “I am not sorry because the decision that has been made is the best possible. It is being responsible to society and also respecting the Olympic spirit. If they had canceled it, it would have been a shame for all the athletes, but also for Japan, which had opted for these Games as something of national pride. I think this decision is the most sensible one and can make the Games bigger next year ”, dares to predict the canary who went blind at only 8 years old.

“Some comrades have not been very amused, but in general we all agree,” says Enhamed, who has not yet received any official statement from the Spanish Olympic Committee. “From the COE they are usually very cautious. We have not yet received any official communication. They will be waiting to collect as much information as possible so as not to overwhelm people with press releases, “he says. “Who I have spoken to has been with the national coach for the season’s approach,” he adds.

After eight long years away from swimming pools, his last participation was in the London 2012 Paralympic Games, “I stopped because I had lost motivation”, the canary that has 9 paralympic medals In his record and that he achieved just two weeks ago in Barcelona his ticket for Tokyo, he has managed, after the official confirmation of the Japanese Prime Minister, to get rid of all that uncertainty that has accompanied him in recent days. “I went from being in Barcelona getting the qualifying mark for Tokyo to being more than a week without swimming and locked up at home. That for us is a world because you lose sensations, you lose the touch of the water… I was very uncertain about not being able to get to Tokyo in the best conditions ”, He says. For him they could have been “The worst Olympics in history”. “It is as if, for example, you go on a day trip without ever hiking and go to the Camino de Santiago. Ideally, you should prepare in advance so that you can hold on and your feet don’t hurt. This is a simile of what it could mean to return to compete, two months later, one hundred percent. “

Without swimming pool and “without bathtub”, Enhamed qualifies with laughter, the rowing machine that the Paralympic Committee sent him to his home in Madrid last week, has become in these days of confinement his best ally. “It is the most similar exercise to swimming that exists because all the muscles of the body are worked. I spend about an hour daily rowing and my dogs appreciate it. They do not separate from me because it gives them the chill that the machine gives off ”, he adds with more laughter.

Despite the cancellation of the Games, Enhamed, who devotes a good part of his free time to devouring books “in the first days after declaring the state of alama read three to me”, does not think to lower his arms. “My routine will not change. I prefer to keep it because it is what keeps me more focused and that of being so stopped at home… You have to keep your body active if not when this is all over we are going to roll out, ”he says.

A carom, as he calls it himself, returned him to the pool last June. The boy, who discovered in the water all that freedom that could not accompany him outside of it, – “it was the only place where nobody told me ‘be careful'”, he says-, got tired, after 12 years in the elite, of his dream. “I was going to train looking forward to the day off,” he says. But today that child who is already a man and who is an example of improvement, in addition to trying to get the best out of each person, is also motivational coaching, he is quite clear: “Tokyo 2021 sounds great.” For now, it’s time to keep hitting the oars and throwing yourself into the pool, which “gives you life”, is still going to have to wait.


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