April 14, 2021

Postponed witness statement in the Salvadoran case against former President Funes

A court statement Monday postponed El Salvador declaration of a protected witness in the criminal case facing the former President Mauricio Funes (2009-2014) for allegedly embezzling more than 351 million.

The Seventh Court of Instruction planned declaration of the witness, who welcomed the opportunity criterion to avoid being criminally prosecuted, but suspended diligence by public defenders absence of other defendants.

It is expected that the declaration begins tomorrow, Tuesday and spread throughout the week.

This process includes the former First Lady Vanda Pignato, who was presented to the venue of courts in San Salvador to watch the hearing.

Marvin Flores defender Pignato, told reporters that the advance declaration is “a maneuver by the prosecution in the absence of evidence to substantiate the allegation”.

Investigations of the Public Ministry said that Funes diverted and laundered more than $ 351 million from the state budget through individual bank accounts with the help of more than 30 people.

Funes, to equal the former president Elias Antonio Saca (2004-2009), used similar schemes to appropriate money through an account of “confidential expenses” that serves to channel state intelligence spending, according to the prosecution.

Saca is serving a sentence of 10 years imprisonment imposed in September 2018 for embezzling more than $ 300 million and wash them through their communications companies, confessed crimes trial.

Funes also is processed by the alleged payment of bribes to former Attorney General Luis Martinez to avoid investigations, embezzling funds from the construction of a dam, revealing a secret document of the US government and tax evasion.

The investigation stage of the process for their alleged involvement in the bribery scheme ended on 23 December, the date on which the Public Ministry presented the opinion of prosecution.

The former president, who currently lives in Nicaragua and where he obtained the nationalization allegedly gave money and goods Martinez to avoid investigation by a truce between gangs supported by the Government and the irregular construction of a dam.

Funes attributed to the armistice between gangs sensitive low homicide figures, but after its end, the country experienced sustained increases in violent deaths to mark the 103 per 100,000 inhabitants in 2015.


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