April 14, 2021

Postponed the paternity trial against Julio Iglesias to request another test

Postponed the paternity trial against Julio Iglesias to request another test

The Court of First Instance number 13 of Valencia has postponed without date the trial of paternity against Julio Iglesias scheduled for March 4 after requesting a test that compares the DNA of the alleged son of the singer, Javier Sánchez-Santos, and the ex-husband of his mother to rule out kinship.

As reported to EFE the law firm of Fernando Osuna, who directs the lawsuit, this part has claimed again that Julio Iglesias undergoes a DNA test before the trial, and otherwise it is the singer's children who the perform.

The paternity test between Javier Sánchez-Santos and the ex-husband of his wife was already negative in a previous process, a claim that was dismissed in 1999 due to a procedural defect, the same sources explained.

However, the difference now is that the test between Javier and his stepfather, which was done privately, is now requested by the judge, to be repeated impartially and not at the request of any party, and is carried out in a public, through an agreement with social security.

"It is possible that if this trial -oriented to discard the relationship between the plaintiff and the ex-husband of his mother- is carried out quickly, we can even hold the trial on March 4, as planned," says Fernando Osuna.

The Sevillian lawyer, who has already successfully conducted other similar proceedings, such as the paternity of Manuel Benítez 'el Cordobés', has again demanded that Julio Iglesias be summoned to carry out a DNA test before the trial, an application that already formulated without success the past month of October.

Sanchez-Santos, who was born in 1976 as a result of a relationship between Julio Iglesias and a dancer, has included in his paternity suit a DNA test made from samples collected in the trash by a detective in Miami, where the artist resides , which supposedly confirms paternity.


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