October 29, 2020

Postpone the World Congress of Architects, this year’s main event in Rio

The World Congress of Architects, the main event this year on the international agenda in Rio de Janeiro and that would gather 20,000 people from 60 countries in July in this Brazilian city, was postponed to 2021 as a preventive measure against the advance of the coronavirus.

The twenty-seventh edition of the world meeting of architects, scheduled for between July 19 and 23, will be held between July 18 and 22, 2021, announced this Saturday the International Union of Architects (UIA) and the Institute from Brazilian Architects (IAB), main organizers, in a statement.

In view of the event’s return to a Latin American country after 42 years and for being the first time it has been held in Brazil, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) declared Rio de Janeiro as ” World Capital of Architecture “in 2020.

The organizers explained that, despite the fact that the event was still four months away, they opted for its postponement “after a rigorous evaluation of the pandemic situation of COVID-19, which generates a series of difficulties (mainly threats to health) that prevent to the majority of the countries to be present “.

Organizers said they expected 20,000 participants from 60 countries and had already confirmed the participation of 50 speakers from 17 countries, which would make Congress one of this year’s biggest corporate events in Rio.

The linked events, such as pre-conferences, exhibitions, seminars and others, “will be rescheduled when the situation of the coronavirus pandemic allows it,” according to the organizers.

Among the postponed side events, the World Cities Forum stands out, which would gather between May 17 and 18 in Rio the mayors of the 26 cities that have hosted the Congress of Architects and that of Copenhagen, which will be the next host.

The event, for the same reason, would bring together mayors from cities such as Seoul, Tokyo, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Chicago, Montreal, Cairo, Warsaw, Mexico City, Madrid, Paris, Moscow and Lisbon.

“The situation we live in is dramatic and it is a pity that we have to postpone our biggest event, but we are all very committed to reorganizing the preparations to ensure that we have one of our most important congresses in 2021,” said the President of the Union. Architects’ International, Thomas Vonier, quoted in the statement.

The leader said that the coronavirus itself opens new scenarios and discussions for architecture and urban planning in the world, which may be addressed next year.

One of the main topics of debate at this year’s event would be precisely “Urban Health”, which should now gain a new focus in the face of the needs arising from the epidemic, according to Vonier.

“The discussion of urban health, which was one of the main issues of the congress, gains a new dimension due to the emergence of new needs in projects for the construction of hospitals and to plan basic sanitation,” he said.


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