May 16, 2021

Postal Unions keep strike at "ridiculous" proposal

Postal Unions keep strike at "ridiculous" proposal

The unions of Correos CCOO, UGT, CSIF and SL maintain the call of General Strike in Correos for November 30 after the negotiation tables of Tuesday and today in which the company has offered additional funds of 0.2 per cent, a proposal that they consider "laughable."

"Correos has presented at the negotiating table a ridiculous proposal of 0.2% of funds to meet the unique demands of the postal staff, which is a real joke and that the union organizations have rejected outright", the unions refer to a note sent to Efe.

In a joint communiqué, the unions criticize the government that "labeling itself as progressive, it maintains postal policy behaviors equal to those of the PP."

The unions thus maintain the general strikes called for November 30 and December 21 and 26 and call the 60,000 workers across the country to second them to "claim an improvement in working conditions" of a "mileurista" and with 8 years of wage freeze, which has led to a loss of between 9 and 14% "of purchasing power.

However, unions see progress in some of the proposals of the Post Office, although they consider that "fundamental aspects have been left out", such as "a reasonable increase in the number of jobs to be called to recover the lost workforce, introducing a series of salary improvements that recognize the postal singularity and the productive effort ".

Likewise, for unions, improvements are needed in the rights "that have been reduced and reduced during the last years".

The strike tomorrow will begin on the night shift of November 29, "especially in the Automated Treatment Centers (CTA)" and will be extended in the morning and afternoon shifts from 30 to thousands of post offices and delivery centers throughout the State.

CCOO adds in its note that they will maintain the strikes on December 21 and 26 and report that there will be concentrations in Barcelona, ​​Seville, Las Palma or Santa Cruz de Tenerife, among others.

"In Madrid, the concentration will be held at 12 o'clock, at the Ministry of Finance in Alcalá Street 5-7 to which the post office staff is summoned to demand from the Government and the Directorate the end of the policy of cuts and precariousness "

Last Tuesday Correos also presented to the unions a set of salary and temporary reduction measures, which also included the call for up to 6,755 jobs in different phases.

Correos also proposed other measures to improve the management of the employment cycle, introduce agility in the operation of the job exchanges and avoid excessive staff turnover.

It also proposed initiatives aimed at promoting the career and professional development of workers, with offers of places for internal promotion and other proposals that can be implemented in 2019.


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