Possible assets

Possible assets


From the point of view of the economy that a country has best or worst assets Derived from nature, that is, given away, it is wonderful. As a result of the Brexit, these possibilities for Spain doubled. On the one hand, the employment of the bay of Algeciras as a point of use of their income situation to promote something that has already been tried: the development around it, taking advantage of that colossal density of traffic that, coming from Asia, is directed or comes from the rich Europe open to the Atlantic.

To achieve the support of the Gibraltarians it is necessary to demonstrate to them that more than 5,000 euros per year of GDP per inhabitant that they achieve, they need a backup where the waters are Spanish, together with a withdrawal of the military possibilities of the Gibraltar port, and a maintenance of a fiscal singularity. Something as justified as it was Cánovas del Castillo to consolidate the fiscal reality of the Basque provinces and Navarra. From Utrecht that happens through the admission that there are no British waters in the bay, but the United Kingdom can use the port facilities of the city of Gibraltar.

But another question has arisen. The Gibraltar airport it is not in territory ceded to England. In addition, as stated by that great scholar of the Gibraltar question that is Ambassador José Ramón Remacha, in his article "Gibraltar and its airport" ("Diario de Navarra", July 8, 2018), Brexit fruit, the flights from an airport linked to the United Kingdom with another European have obstacles that disappear if the airport is in the EU. If the Gibraltarian pressure acts to make the airport floor Spanish, the advantages will be considerable.

We economists contemplate with regret that both advantages do not take advantage of the Spaniards of the Campo de Gibraltar and the Gibraltarians: it would be ridiculous that this singular situation, as was that of Hong Kong, does not serve to strengthen the income of the whole group that exists in Gibraltar, and in all its field, with the capital in Algeciras, and definitive realities in the whole that in the provinces of Cádiz and Málaga It can become something even higher than the industrial districts of Barcelona and Bilbao. It would be, in addition, the third focus -without including Madrid- of impulse to the Spanish regional development, and concretely to the Andalusian one. Well, what Castiella dreamed and all his team.



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