Mon. Mar 30th, 2020

Posse reorganizes its Government after the departure of a councilor from More Madrid

The mayor of Móstoles, Noelia Posse (PSOE), has reassigned the functions performed by the Mayor of More Madrid Gabriel Ortega, who resigned on Monday to continue in the Government, the mayor of Ecological and Security Transition, Álex Martín, who is secretary General of the PSOE of Móstoles.

In this way, Martín incorporates the Department of Culture and Environmental Policies to his Department, which until now was exercised by Ortega, who decided to resign from following in the municipal government after the institutional crisis derived from the appointments of positions of trust of the socialist governor placed in doubt.

The departure of the municipal government of Ortega and his companion and spokesman for the More Madrid Ganar Móstoles group, Susana García Millán, leaves the minority socialist mayor, with the 10 mayor of the PSOE and the two of Podemos, who despite asking Posse to take a step to the side do not consider leaving the Government.

After the departure of Ortega, the mayor delegates in Martín the management of Culture, which includes the departments and services of Socio-Cultural Centers, Theaters, Museums and Library; and the management of Environmental Policies, which includes urban gardens and protection against light and air pollution.

In addition, the amendment of Decree 2981/19 of June 17 approved this Thursday also includes that the Councilor for Improvement and Maintenance of Public Spaces, David Muñoz (PSOE), will be responsible for the management of parks and gardens, powers that Until now they belonged to Álex Martín.

Martín was elected in March 2018 as general secretary of the Móstoles socialist group with 92.19% of the votes in the local assembly after the resignation of former Mayor David Lucas, who in addition to leaving the Mayor's Office for personal reasons also resigned from the General Secretariat of the PSOE of the Madrid town.

In addition to Martín's election, that local assembly also decided that Mayor Noelia Posse should be placed as president of the Local Executive Commission of the PSOE de Móstoles and that David Muñoz, now Councilor for the Improvement and Maintenance of Public Spaces, should take charge of the Organization Secretariat.

Martín was the only one to present a candidacy after the former Treasury and Heritage Councilor, Javier Gómez, decided not to finally head an alternative list.

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