Portuguese fishermen ask for more control to comply with the Guadiana fishing agreement

Portuguese fishermen ask for more control to comply with the Guadiana fishing agreement

Fishermen in the southern region of the Portuguese Algarve believe that the Guadiana cross-border agreement, which regulates ocean fishing in waters bordering both countries, should have greater control over Spanish vessels.

The president of the Association of Fisheries Producers of the Algarve, Miguel Cardoso, told EFE today that "the agreement has been renewed recently – at the beginning of the year – for the next five years" by the Governments of Spain and Portugal and ensures that I would have liked them to have taken into account the opinion of the Portuguese fishermen who work in this area.

The agreement grants a series of licenses for fishermen of both territories so that they can fish 15 miles east and 15 miles west in Atlantic waters of both territories in the area where the Guadiana empties.

Cardoso said that "for the Portuguese, this agreement, which is historic, could be suppressed", since the Portuguese fishermen do not fish in the Spanish area because "it is very exploited".

However, Cardoso focuses the focus of the complaints on breaches by a Spanish vessel, since "many times they do not comply with the measures -the catches-, nor the distances, nor the schedules," he said.

In this way, they demand that there be more control and greater control by the Portuguese Maritime Authority.

The Portuguese insist that purse seining and bivalve fishing have to be controlled more.

In this Atlantic area the fishing activity is carried out by around a thousand Portuguese.

The catches are mainly focused on the sardine, anchovy or mackerel, among other species, in addition to the clams and clams, in the case of bivalves.

In the day today, the deputy José Carlos Barros, of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, center-right) Portuguese leader of the opposition, said on the public broadcaster Antena 1 that the agreement was approved without a public debate in which the criticisms made during the last years by Portuguese fishermen would have been taken into account.

The deputy assured that he will ask explanations to the Minister of the Sea of ​​Portugal, Ana Paula Vitorino.


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