Portugal puts the batteries in the great Brazilian renewable vein

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Renewable energy ‘made in Portugal’ looks to the huge market in Brazil, a gigantic window of opportunity and a form of natural expansion given the co-leadership of the Portuguese language and the strong commercial ties that are maintained with the former Portuguese colony. The South American giant appears on the horizon as an open door to great dimensions, which results in growth possibilities promoted from the Community of Portuguese Language Countries itself. But the renewable opportunity in Brazil attracts players of all sizes and countries.. And it seems that Portuguese companies are not willing to give up their advantageous position at the end of this tough business race.

It is the leading company in the sector, EDP (Energía de Portugal), which has taken the lead thanks to the inauguration of a macropark with 600,000 solar panels in the state of Sao Paulo, one of the most developed in the country of bossa nova and samba. A very graphic data is enough to get an idea of ​​the industrial capacity that the initiative will accumulate: can supply a city with 750,000 inhabitants. So EDP has not skimped on resources and has made a big bet, which for a reason the environment requires and allows it. Otherwise, they would run the risk of clearly falling short and it would be useless to come into play there. Consequently, it will be the largest solar park sponsored by the business group, introduced in Spain a few years ago both in the northern fringe and in the area of ​​Andalusia adjacent to the Algarve.

In reality, the mammoth ensemble will be made up of five ‘conventional’ parks, juxtaposed and added together in a truly ambitious strategy. The annual production capacity is stratospheric, since we speak of 547,000 megawatts. The construction is located exactly in Pereira Barreto and its launch shows that EDP is going all out in the renewables segment, with a budding diversification that is still far from reaching a ceiling.


“Brazil is a key market for the realization of our business plan”, declared the executive president of the conglomerate, Miguel Stilwell d’Andrade. In addition, he took the opportunity to announce: “In the medium and long term, we will be presenting more similar projects in the region.”

The commercialization of energy will be done via EDP Brasil, located in third position on the specialized list of the huge South American country. Stilwell adds that “the project is fully aligned with EDP’s ambitious energy transition commitments.” A highly productive scheme from the point of view of the objectives set by the company, which go through avoiding the emission of more than 150 tons of CO2.

For its part, another Portuguese company booming in the sector, Galp, does not want to be left behind and enters the competition. And it does so with a bet in the field of renewable energy, as evidenced by its quick response. This is how it intends to substantially reduce its carbon emissions, in one more example that Portugal has put the batteries with clean supplies.

It will be a “significant leap”, according to the forecasts of a firm that is present in Spain with a network of gas stations. In a statement sent to the Securities Market Commission (CMVM), the company’s intentions are clearly reflected: the acquisition of two solar projects in the states of Bahía and Río Grande del Norte. The total capacity will amount to 594 peak megawatts, which is the unit of measurement if we talk about photovoltaic energy.

Thus, Galp “gains access to high-quality assets in a country where the company has been present for more than 20 years,” say those responsible for the Lusitanian emblem. The projects, both the latter and EDP’s, must be developed before 2025. And it is that Portugal does not seem willing to give up one millimeter of its advantageous position in that promising land of renewable opportunities that Brazil has become.

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