June 15, 2021

Portugal launches a “scratch card” to finance its cultural heritage

Lisbon May 18 (EFE) .- The ‘raspadinha’ or ‘scratch and win’, one of the most popular games in Portugal, will contribute from today to financing the country’s cultural heritage.

On the occasion of International Museum Day, Patrimonio launched a lottery voucher whose proceeds will go to the Fund for the Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage.

Each ballot will cost one euro and the maximum prize will be 10,000 euros.

The idea was launched last year by the Executive of the socialist António Costa and the word that sounded the most at the time to describe the strategy was “surprising.”

The Ministry of Culture hopes to raise 5 million euros per year for Heritage with a measure that has been questioned by experts.

Among the most critical voices, that of the psychiatrist Pedro Morgado, co-author of a study that warned of the danger of gambling, who, in statements to Efe, considered that the State “should not be the promoter of gambling.”

The study in which Morgado participated warns that these games, which began to grow after the crisis of 2020, are on the way to becoming a worrying vice in Portugal: in 2018 they generated total sales of 1,594 million euros, an average of 160 euros for each Portuguese.

In countries like Spain, with five times more population than Portugal, sales were 627 million euros, about 14 euros per citizen.

The ‘raspadinha’, with more than 25 years of existence, is the star game of the Portuguese.

In 2020 it already represented 51% of total sales of the games of the House of Mercy, the entity responsible for Portugal’s gambling, which in 2019 sold more than 745 million tickets.


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