July 27, 2021

Portugal declares on March 7 a day of mourning for violence against women | Society

Portugal declares on March 7 a day of mourning for violence against women | Society

Portugal has declared a day of mourning on March 7 to make visible the condemnation of violence against women, a scourge that has increased in the country in recent years and, above all, in this beginning of 2019. In two months Ten women and one child have already died. Nearly fifty people have been arrested related to sexist crimes.

Gender violence "constitutes an intolerable and inadmissible social reality in a developed country", The Council of Ministers' statement which has approved the day of remembrance, "demanding a determined action and the congregation of efforts of the whole society to defend, in an intransigent way, the integrity and dignity of women. In this fight it is fundamental to counteract banalization and indifference, paying tribute to the victims and their families and ensuring awareness of this tragedy. "

The Minister of the Presidency Vieira da Silva recalled that in 15 years 500 women have died in Portugal for gender violence. The minister announced the creation of a multidisciplinary technical team, coordinated by the Prosecutor of the Republic, Rui do Carmo, coordinator of the Retrospective Homicide Analysis in Domestic Violence team. The team will have three months to propose improvements in the protection of the victim within 72 hours of filing the complaint.

The government's decision comes days after more arrests for crimes related to violence against women and controversial judicial decisions. Judge Neto de Moura – famous for justifying violence against a woman for having been unfaithful and who was recently reprimanded for it- has once again jumped into the public eye for removing the electronic bracelet to a man who, a few days later, left his wife deaf from the blows he gave her.

In this case, Neto de Moura will not be recriminated by the Judicial Council, since the law prohibits placing electronic bracelets on people, even if they do not allow it, as was the case. The Government and the parliamentary groups have announced that they will review the legislation on these gender crimes to avoid gaps such as bracelets.


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