May 13, 2021

Portugal, after the experience of his rescue, sees the Dutch speech as “repugnant”

Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa called the statements by Dutch Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra “repugnant” when he raised, after the extraordinary European Council, the possibility of investigating Spain for its management of the pandemic.

Costa said in statements to the press in recent hours that “this speech is disgusting within the framework of the European Union (EU)”, and described the petty and unconscious speech of the Dutch leader.

Visibly irritated by the result of the Council, the Portuguese socialist leader also warned that “if the EU wants to survive, it is unacceptable that any political leader, from whatever country, could give such a response during a pandemic like the one we are experiencing. living”.

The Prime Minister insisted that a common response must be given to a common challenge, since in a European Union based on the freedom of movement of goods and people, “the virus knows no borders.”

Costa bets on the “coronabonos”, a joint debt issue to save national economies.

Portugal is now six years after the closing of the financial rescue of the troika after the biggest crisis in its recent history and is seen as an example for its ability to grow by saving the pillars of the welfare state.


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