May 13, 2021

Porsche plugs in

Porsche plugs in

The German sports brand par excellence is ready to make the jump to the plugs. Like all brands of the Volkswagen group, Porsche finalizes the release of its electric version of thel Macan, its most popular combustion model, in response to the initiatives of its rivals BMW and Mercedes. Stuttgart's sports brand CEO, Oliver Blume, has confirmed Porsche's interest in offering electric models in its range: «Porsche is prepared to make the jump to electric vehicles in 2019 ». The bet of the German brand means that half of its sales are electric or hybrid in 2025, according to the economic newspaper FT. According to Blume, the next electric Mission E and Macan should represent 50% of Porsche's sales in 2023. "In 2022 we will invest more than 6,000 million euros in electric mobility and in 2025 50% of all new Porsche vehicles could have an electrical system », Blume added.

Porsche has chosen the Macan to make the jump after a record total sales of 256,000 vehicles last year, 86,000 of which were of this popular model, whose cost of exit is around 55,000 euros.


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