# PorlaconciliaciónReal, Unicef's request to the new Government

# PorlaconciliaciónReal, Unicef's request to the new Government

Unicef ​​has asked the new government for policies that guarantee greater conciliation so that parents and children can spend more time together through the campaign # PorlaconciliaciónReal, which has been launched on Thursday, to demand a "real and effective" commitment to the parties. this initiative.

The NGO emphasizes that children who spend more time with their parents achieve better academic achievements, as well as positive impacts on their health and psychological well-being.

He also recalls that 32% of the Spanish population is dissatisfied with the conciliation policies, compared to the European average of 20%, according to the Eurobarometer of 2018.

The campaign is presented with a video that includes a social experiment, in which minors imitate their parents when they return from work.

"I'm going to take a nap for a while I'm very tired", is one of the phrases of one of the children, imitating his father.

"To the heads of my parents I would tell them that they are very busy taking care of us and that they are not octopuses, they do not have eight hands," says another child.

They are called Luci and Vale and both regret that their parents are stressed and "mobile" long.

The executive director of Unicef, Javier Martos, has asked governments and the private sector to bet "on measures that allow children to enjoy their parents during all stages of growth and development."

In addition to the campaign, Unicef ​​has initiated a collection of signatures for the new Government to commit to extend maternity leave to a minimum of six months and to match them with paternity leave.

Tax incentives, flexibility in working hours and bonuses for companies, are other proposals to promote conciliation.


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