"Populist tendencies only lead to the promotion of ignorance"

Film director and scriptwriter Isabel Coixet has assured today that "populist tendencies only lead to the promotion of ignorance", after which she has advocated to promote knowledge.

"Knowledge of history is essential to me, knowing where we came from, who did things before us, who was writing, sculpting, making wine, living, exploring what a human being is, because, evidently, populist tendencies only carry to the promotion of ignorance, "he underlined.

The filmmaker made these statements during a visit to the Denomination of Origin Ribera del Duero, where Bodegas Valduero has picked up the appointment as member of the Tenada Membership, a select club which are already part, among others, Mario Vargas Llosa , Plácido Domingo, Ken Follet, Javier Moro, the brothers David and Fernando Trueba or the painter Antonio López.

Coixet has pointed to France as the point of reference in which all countries aspiring to have and defend a model of integral culture, which values ​​sculpture, writing, cinema or wine, should be established.

Also, being in the wine region, has recognized the world of wine as part of culture. Something that, he pointed out, reflected in his film 'Map of the sounds of Tokyo', where the protagonist is the owner of a wine shop that teaches another character in the story to love wine.

"For me it is so linked to culture, I do not understand that it can be separated, it is intensely linked", he underlined.

Isabel Coixet is currently editing 'Elisa and Marcela', the movie she has filmed for Netflix with Natalia de Molina, Greta Fernandez, Maria Pujalte and Luis Homar and tells the true story of two women who were married in Galicia in 1901. "I think we'll see it in the spring," he said.

He keeps another movie in the bedroom, 'The film accountant', although he recognizes that to make it come true there is still plenty of time left.

Yes, he has indicated that he has always had a project in which wine plays a fundamental role, recognizing that he is still writing it. However, he has warned that he has no date to make it happen. "We'll see for when," he concluded.


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