popular cinema also wants to win prizes

popular cinema also wants to win prizes

How many times have we seen that the Spanish films that led the annual box office disappeared in the list of aspiring prizes? Traditionally, the popular, massive cinema, came face to face with more modest, but prestigious productions, which competed for the Forqué, the Feroz, the Goya … Triumph at the box office seemed irreconcilable until now to win weight awards. But that is changing. And "Champions" is a clear symptom.

The film directed by Javier Fesser, which adds 19 million euros at the box office, being the fourth most watched of the year in Spain behind only American hyperproductions, positioned yesterday as a favorite at the Forqué Awards (the first of the long season of awards that await us at the beginning of 2019) after winning 3 nominations and placing in the fight for the distinction to best film with "The Kingdom", " Between two waters "and" Carmen and Lola ".

Already on September 6, lA Film Academy surprised both locals and strangers by selecting this film that narrates the adventures of a basketball coach with a team of disabled people for the Oscar race. In a few weeks it will be known if the final cut passes and the team travels to Los Angeles, but the fact of choosing it on more authorial cuts, clearly betting on the "pitch" of the year, already sets a precedent.

It is likely that the same Academy that has released Fesser's film to Hollywood will be graced with numerous nominations for the Goya, something that will be known on December 12. Among them could be the best film, reaffirming the pattern that mark the Forqué: that "Champions" will not go on tiptoe for the awards and that popular cinema also wants to compete with the cinema "prestige."

In that liz, he probably meets "El reino", by Rodrigo Sorogoyen and "Entre dos aguas", by Isaki Lacuesta, winner of the Concha de Oro in San Sebastián. Also they could appear tapes like "Who will sing to you" (Carlos Vermut) and "All they know it", of Asghar Farhadi, whose maximum aspirations happen through the acting cast: Eva Llorach and Najwa Nimri in first; and Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem in the second.


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