Pope Francisco in 'Saved': The Argentinian empanada de Bergoglio | TV

Jordi Évole has made history to sneak into the Vatican. It is one of those milestones that any journalist in the world would like to sign, but history does not always have the trepidating pulse of the Normandy landings, nor its protagonists, the loquacity of Winston Churchill. History, at times, is nothing more than the gesture and the verification of being there. As in the worst schools, the most important lessons can also be the most boring, and faith that the 71 minutes of this Saved they passed very slowly. After this program, I do not think that Pope go to never go to have fun The anthill. Nor will star in a version of The Young Pope, of Sorrentino.


Perhaps it influenced the interview to be filmed at siesta time in a room that looked like the waiting room of a notary. Francisco said that he lives in a museum, that's why he has merit that he chose such an anodyne scenario, which was so in tune with his preaching of Chiesa povera, but it did not do justice to Bernini's baroque ecstasy.

Évole convinced Bergoglio to sit down with him by promising him an interview about the refugees, which is the great public concern of the Pope. That's why he started there and it seemed he was going to stay there, but the questions on this matter took only 11 minutes of the footage. The remaining 60 (discounting a short film in black and white recreating an episode from the life of Saint Francis of Assisi alla maniera Pasolini, who served to introduce and dress a little the program) dedicated them to ask what he wanted, always with a smile and alluding, whether or not it came to the immigrants. Although the interviewee protested two or three times ("have we stopped talking about the emigrants?"), The interviewer went through all the issues that had to be addressed, although the most thorny, such as the abuses of the Church, homosexuality or the abortion, they entered almost in the extension.

Bergoglio pulled aphorisms and sayings on matters about which a moral authority is known. He lectured at pleasure about capitalism, the wars, the walls of Trump ("if you raise that wall, you end up being a prisoner of that wall that you erected") and those of Europe ("Mother Europe became grandmother"). Eloquence left him, however, when the subject of abuses ("we must understand the hermeneutics of each era"), abortion or homosexuals, with which he tried to clarify recent statements in which he recommended that they go to the psychiatrist . He got so wrapped up in the sentences that he sent them back to the psychiatrist. "I do not misunderstand him very well," Évole confessed before the empanada argentina that the pontiff put together so as not to say what he wanted to say saying the opposite but not and nevertheless maybe yes.

Jordi's mother, a follower of Francisco and quoted in the broadcast, sure was delighted with the program. Those of us who are not used to going to mass turned off the TV a little less excited.


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