June 21, 2021

Pope Francis, the world leader best valued by the Spaniards – La Provincia

The Pope Francis is the most valued international leader in Spain. 71% of Spaniards have a favorable opinion of the Pontiff, an assessment virtually identical to that obtained in the 2018 survey, according to data from a survey conducted by Sigma Dos.

In Spain, all age groups (from 18 years of age) and in both sexes, the Pope obtains higher positive than negative ratings. Valuation improves as age increases.

The Spanish that best value the Pontiff are the over 65 years, which come to issue 86.4% of positive ratings. On the other hand, 32.4% of young people between 18 and 24 have an unfavorable opinion towards the Pope. By employment situation, it is worse valued in the segment of unemployed looking for their first job (33.3%) and students (28.3%).

Romania – mostly orthodox country – is the country that values ​​the Pope best, with 88% of favorable opinions. Similarly, its approval also reaches its highest level in the Philippines, where it is approved by 87% of the population, Lebanon and Colombia (85%) and Italy (83%). In this ranking, Spain is in tenth place.

His figure is only rejected in 6 countries -all non-Christian religions, except Serbia-, with Syria at the head, where the Pope is negatively valued by 64% of the population.

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, also repeated as second world leader and first European best valued by the Spanish, with 61% approval. Spain is also one of the few European countries where the chancellor slightly improves her image in relation to the previous year’s survey.

For his part, the French president, Emmanuel Macron, is in third place among the preferences of the Spaniards, with 48% of positive opinions. There is the paradox that Macron is better valued in Spain than in France, where he receives the favorable opinion of only 32% approval versus 60% disapproval.

On the opposite side of the preferences of the Spaniards are, as worst valued, the American president, Donald Trump, with 9% favorable opinions and 85% unfavorable opinions.


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