Pope Francis receives CD Tenerife at the Vatican


On the occasion of the centenary of the sports entity, the pope received this Wednesday in an audience at the Vatican the delegation of the Club Deportivo Tenerife

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commission of directors of CD Tenerife led by Miguel Concepción, president of the club, attended the general audience of the
Pope Francisco in Vatican City, where they shared a brief meeting with His Holiness on the occasion of the team's centenary celebration, whose goal is once again the
promotion to the first division.

Tenerife turns 100 of its refoundation and to celebrate it he decided to travel to Rome to visit the pontiff, a great football fan who spent a few minutes chatting with the president and the board of directors of the Tenerife team.

Concepción, on behalf of the club, presented the pope with a Tenerife shirt with the number 10 and the name 'Francisco' on the back, a special centenary book, a pennant and a club scarf.

the anecdote

scarf who starred in the anecdote of the visit since it aroused the pontiff's surprise, who asked with laughter if it was cold in the Canary Islands.

Concepción confessed that, in addition to being a visit for the centenary
"very nice"asked Francisco for "a little hand" to get the long-awaited promotion.

"Let's not forget that important Argentine figures have passed through Tenerife, so the club is always a reference to Argentina. Therefore it has been pleasant and by the way, of course,
ask him to give us a little hand in this centenary year for promotion“, he said once the general audience was over.

visit that began to be prepared last year: “A commission was appointed a year ago to prepare for the centenary. Very happy to be here, to see up close and to have the opportunity to speak for a moment with his Holiness, "explained the president.

"It has been something
endearing, we are all excited. That His Holiness has given us an audience is a satisfaction for us. And especially in this centenary event. It has been very pleasant and we are very happy", added Concepción.

Last season Tenerife was on the verge of promotion to First Division against Girona. The
objective for this season it remains the same, getting to be regulars to have options to return to the highest category of Spanish football -something that has not happened since the
2009-10 season-, although the debut against Eibar on this first day was the first defeat for the chicharreros.

«The Second Division is an increasingly strong competition, there is more and more equality. A game doesn't tell you anything, anything could have happened and perhaps the fairest thing would have been a draw, "Concepción valued.

«We have to consider competing well and getting the
template be more and more a block, which is what in this case the budgetary limitations mark you. The team that achieves the most regularity will be fighting for the top positions and that is
our objetivecompete well and that the team is compensated to fight for the top positions to achieve promotion, "he said.

leaders of TenerifeThe president of the Government of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, attended the general audience of Pope Francis; the president of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Pedro Martín; and the Bishop of Tenerife, Bernardo Álvarez.

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