June 21, 2021

Pope Francis publishes a book for children

A book by Pope Francis addressed to children with phrases and drawings that encourage them to share, tolerance and peace was released on Thursday in Italy.

“I bambini sono speranza” (Children are hope) is the volume signed by Pope Francis and in which he addresses the little ones with phrases like “be happy when you are with others” or “play with others as if you were a team and look for everyone’s good. “

Each phrase is the protagonist of a page and was collected by Father Antonio Spadaro, director of the magazine of the Society of Jesus “Civiltà Cattolica” and are accompanied by the creations of the children’s illustrator Sheree Boyd contributor to newspapers such as the New York Times and American Baby magazine.

“You and I can make the Earth a more beautiful place” or “the best way to win a conflict is not to start it,” are other phrases of the Argentine pontiff.

“In this book, Francesco speaks to children tuning in with his direct gaze, in a simple and direct way, and invites them to be generous, not to be afraid to cry, to do good in life, but also to smile , to always make a team, to rejoice and give free rein to joy. And, why not, even dance, “explains the Salani publishing house.

The publishing house defines the volume as “a special little book with a universal message to make the world a better place.”

The book begins with Francisco’s phrase: “When I see a child like you, I feel so much hope in my heart” and next to a page with a mirror so that children can contemplate his face.

It is not the first book that the Pope dedicates to children, since in the past some volumes have been published with the pontiff’s responses to the letters he receives from the little ones.

Benedict XVI also wrote a book “Mary, the mamma di Gesu” (Mary, the mother of Jesus), in which he explained to the children the life of the Virgin Mary and the main liturgical feasts in his honor.


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