Pope Francis denounces the greed of societies "dull of consumption"

Pope has asked the faithful for a "courageous" faith don't be afraid of "defy the dark logics of power" in a world where so many Herods "sow death and slaughter the poor."

"We need a brave, prophetic faith that is not afraid to challenge the dark logics of power, and becomes seed of justice and brotherhood in societies where, even today, so many Herod sow death and massacre the poor and innocent, to the indifference of many ", the Pontiff exclaimed during the homily of the solemn Eucharist of the Epiphany of the Lord.

Likewise, he has denounced the greed of societies "dull of consumption" who have nothing in their hearts.

The Pope has reflected on the figure of the wise men, who challenged Herod, and urged him to follow his example cultivating a "heart that does not allow itself to be numbed in the den of apathy, but is thirsty for light" that "does not crawl wearily in laziness, but is inflamed by nostalgia for new horizons."

In this way, he has condemned "apathy" and "resignation" that involves "plunging into the sadness of a mediocre life". "The world expects from believers a renewed impulse towards Heaven," he assured.

Likewise, he stressed that the crisis of faith in today's societies has to do with "the disappearance of God's desire" and the habit of being content "with living from day to day."

"We are satiated with so many things, but we lack the nostalgia for what we need. We have become obsessed with needs, what we will eat or what we will dress in, letting the desire for that which goes beyond volatilize, "he lamented. For the Pope, it is" the lack of desire that leads to sadness and indifference. "

"It is sad when a community of believers does not want more and, tired, drags on managing things instead of being surprised by Jesus, by the overflowing and uncomfortable joy of the Gospel ", has added.

For this reason, he has vindicated "desires" because they are the ones that broaden the gaze and drive life to go further. "Beyond the barriers of routine, beyond a life dull in consumption, beyond a repetitive and tired faith, beyond the fear of taking risks, of committing ourselves for others and for the good ", has said.

Thus, he has criticized the blockage exercised in life by being "parked in a conventional, exterior, formal religion that no longer inflames the heart and does not change life". And he has invited us to ask ourselves: "Do our words and our rites provoke in the hearts of the people the desire to go towards God or are they a dead language that speaks only of itself and itself?".

This year the Pope retakes the ceremony of christening of some babies children of workers of the Vatican in St. Peter's Basilica, which will take place next Sunday, January 9.

Due to the pandemic, and as a precautionary measure, the Vatican canceled this ceremony last year which constitutes one of the most tender of the year.


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