June 21, 2021

Pope Francis calls the family of a young man killed in Argentina

The parents of the young Fernando Báez Sosa, killed in Argentina on January 18 allegedly at the hands of a group of rugby players, received a call for support from Pope Francisco, said Graciela, the victim’s mother, on Monday.

“He told us that he was present with us,” the woman told reporters, in the midst of the shock that the case has produced in the middle of the southern summer.

The call came this Sunday morning.

“About 11 o’clock my husband’s phone rings, he answers and leaves half broken. There he said he was the Pope. It was a very blessed day for us, very exciting,” added Báez Sosa’s mother, who lost life after being attacked at the exit of a nightclub in the coastal city of Villa Gesell, in the province of Buenos Aires, a popular destination among young people.

For the event there are ten detainees, aged between 18 and 20, of whom two were accused of co-authors of the murder and the other eight of necessary participants.

They played at the Arsenal Zárate Yacht Club, a rugby team from the Buenos Aires town of Zárate.

Since that tragic weekend, the media follow in detail the details of the case, which has put the problem of violence between young people and sports on the table.

According to the deceased’s mother, Pope Francis, who until being elected pontiff in 2013 served as archbishop of Buenos Aires and cardinal primate of Argentina, told her husband that she was “very close” to her family and will accompany them “always” .

“That the pain is very great and that he could have our number through the Marianist school,” where Fernando studied.

“He gave us his blessing and he would call us again soon.”

This Saturday was held in Buenos Aires, at the request of the family, a mass in memory of the young man, who barely passed the age of majority and had Paraguayan origins.

“There was a lot of concurrence. That energy that we all transmit to move forward and fight and ask for justice for Fernando,” concluded his mother.


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