Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

Pope Francis asks that anti-Semitism be banished forever

Pope Francis asks that anti-Semitism be banished forever

Pope Francis said today that there are still anti-Semitic attitudes and called for the "anti-Semitism of the human community" to be banished forever.

"Even today, unfortunately, there are anti-Semitic attitudes, as I have reminded several times, a Christian can not be anti-Semitic," he said at the Vatican, where he met the rabbis of the "World Congress of Mountain Jews" of the Caucasus on his first visit to a pontiff.

Francisco told the Jewish representatives that the roots of both confessions are "common" and added: "We have been called together to commit ourselves so that anti-Semitism is banished from the human community."

Francis recalled the commemoration of the Holocaust during his recent trip to Vilnius, Lithuania, as well as the 75th anniversary of the raid on the Rome Ghetto (October 16) and the 80th anniversary of Nazi "Night of the crystals" (9 November).

Remembering these events, Francisco said that when "they wanted to replace the Good God with the idolatry of power and with the ideology of hatred, the madness of exterminating the creatures was reached"

"Without a living memory there will be no future, because, if we do not learn from the darkest pages of history to fall back on the same mistakes, human dignity will be a dead letter," he added.

And he assured that religious freedom "is a supreme good that must be defended, a fundamental human right and a bulwark against totalitarian pretensions."


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