Pope authorizes beatification of 14 Spanish nuns killed in the Civil War

Pope Francis today signed the decree recognizing the martyrdom "for hatred of the faith" of fourteen Spanish nuns of the Order of the Franciscan Conceptionists who died in 1936 at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and for which they will be proclaimed beatas.

Ten of the future beatas were murdered in Madrid when they were in the cloistered convent, and another four in other different circumstances.

The cause of beatification refers to Isabel Lacaba Andia and other thirteen compañeras.

They are dedicated to a street in Madrid called the Concepcionistas Martyrs.

The path to holiness begins with the promulgation of the "heroic virtues", which means that from now on they will be granted the title of "Venerables" and the process to continue their beatification will begin.

For a venerable to be beatified it is necessary that a miracle has taken place due to his intercession and so that he can be canonized (saintly) a second miracle is usually necessary, although the pontiff can obviate the procedure.

In the event that "martyrdom" is recognized, a miracle is not necessary to be declared blessed.


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