Pop: “I have suffered and swallowed a lot, it was time to move on”

-Bob Pop gets up one morning and discovers that they want to do a series about his life. How does one digest all that?

-It was a very gradual process, an offer from TNT that gave me a lot of security but, above all, the support of Berto was decisive, a person in whom I have blind trust both professionally and personally. I knew that with Berto everything would work out for me, because what I didn’t want was to do serial shit or be ridiculous. That is why I have relied so much on Berto’s criteria to create between the two with great complicity.

-How did you decide when reality entered and when fiction entered the scripts?

-You never know that while you’re writing. First, I had never written scripts. I was very attracted to the format, the freedom that it provided to tell a story with the images that I chose. What I wanted was to tell what I have lived and felt but always in favor of working with myself. During the writing process there was also a certain sense of poetic justice. Let’s see: you have suffered a lot, you have eaten a lot of shit, you have hit rock bottom because it is time to move forward and tell this story. In the series there is a certain aftertaste of compensation. I have been offered to raise my voice, a voice that for so long has been denied.

-‘Miss lost ‘is a story about the misunderstanding and pain that a society exerts in the face of everything that it does not understand. Underlying the series is a generational portrait of a historical period in this country.

-I thought it was going to be a generational story when I was writing the script, but as the series took shape, all that was diluted; above all, when the director, Alejandro Marín, spoke to me about the scripts with emotion and feeling. That left me much calmer: when I saw that a person twenty years younger than I felt all that, the series took on another dimension, much more popular, not so linked to the time we are showing.

-Candela Peña plays her mother. You say that you have already become his mother.

-I talk more with Candela than with my mother …

-It must be difficult to write about one’s mother …

-I have been very unfair to my mother. And surely if he saw the series, although I know he will not because he has never read anything I have written or seen what I have done, surely he would call me cruel. But I have to explain what was going through that child’s head when he lived next to him; that duality between admiration and absolute love versus terror and disappointment. Everything that was going through the head of that young self about that figure so important that for him should be saving and it was not.

-The great success of ‘Fagot lost’ is the honesty in his story.

-I don’t know how to do things differently. I would love to be another type of storyteller and have a lot more tools, but I’m not. I have the feeling that I have spent my whole life writing and working on TV to tell the truth. And if I can do it in the most honest way, it is what I like the most. That is why Almodóvar, Andreu, Berto are present, all the authors who have taught me to have tools to be able to tell the truth without being aggressive, nor too direct and wild, nor of course boring.


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