May 15, 2021

Poor sleep quality is a risk factor for neurological diseases

Poor sleep quality is a risk factor for the onset of neurological or neuropsychiatric diseases, according to researchers at the Barcelona Brain Health Initiative, of the Guttmann Institute.

Researchers have analyzed data collected from a cohort of more than 4,500 volunteers after a year of follow-up, the Guttmann Institute reported Wednesday in a statement.

The lead author of the study, Gabriele Cattaneo, explained that “there has been a greater risk of depression in the female population, and a part of that risk is closely linked to a worse quality of sleep.”

Driven by the Guttmann Institute and la Caixa, the study was launched in 2017 and aims to discover what can be done to maintain the brain throughout life, and what lifestyle interventions influence the promotion of Individual health

“In addition, we have seen that there is a relationship between a worse quality of sleep and the presence of other diseases such as hepatitis or hypertension, for example, as well as between low physical activity and these same pathologies,” said Cattaneo.

The 4500 volunteer participants in the study were healthy and aged between 40 and 65, of whom 2353 were followed up for one year.

Of these, 73 have been diagnosed with new neurological and neurosychiatric diseases throughout that year, of which 53 had depression.


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