Pons (PP) compares Sanchez's budget policy with that of Salvini in Italy

Pons (PP) compares Sanchez's budget policy with that of Salvini in Italy

"Pedro Sanchez is skipping the rules, Calviño has approved some budgets that are the story of the milkmaid and is hiding that the deficit target for this year is not going to be met, Italy does not hide it, Spain does" the MEP affirmed 'popular', this Tuesday, in an interview on Antena 3, collected by Europa Press.

When asked if it is a "disloyalty" to the Government the appearance that will take place tomorrow in Brussels, in which the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, criticized the framework project of the Spanish Government for Budgets, Pons has asserted that "as Spanish" he has no obligation to "defend a lie".

"If they were accounts approved by the Spanish Parliament, they would have to be defended as a team, but they are some accounts of Podemos," criticized Pons, who emphasized the fact that the "purple" economic formation "knows nothing".

In his opinion, the President of the Government will approve any budget "in order to stay in power", even if it "fleeces" the population and supposes "a podemization".


On the other hand, the popular spokesman has reiterated that the budgetary project of Sanchez is "equal to that of Salvini." For Pons, the difference is that the Italian deputy prime minister "does not hide that the deficit will not be met", while "Spain does". "It seems that Sanchez has made some budgets that work for everything, if they do not like we have others, in fact they are fictitious budgets, not written but painted," he argued.

However, Pons has asked for "prudence" when he has been reminded that, to date, the European Union (EU) has not rejected some PGE. "There are going to be some warnings, we can not send some accounts that neither the Spanish press believes, we have to start a negotiation, we can not say that the economy is slowing down and spending is going to increase," he concluded.


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