Pons brings together PP, PSOE, and Cs to present “Ellas”, his love novel

What has united Pons, that does not separate politics. A day before Valentine's Day the PP MEP managed to bring together PP, PSOE and Cs, political battle companions among which were the leader of the popular, Pablo Casado and the former prestietne of the Government Esteban González Pons to talk about "Ellas (Espasa), his first love novel In a fun presentation and with laughter he thanked one of the godfathers of his presentation, his friend Borja Semper that "sank his career" policy "in thirty seconds", after he read a paragraph of the book where he says that Borja is a posh name and Pablo a "current" name.

The story takes place in Valencia. "They" is a love story what He decides to get in touch with who his first love was and to get his attention he sends him a suicide letter. In between, there is debate between reconquering her first love or a more mature woman, her age, who is prettier. What will happen?

He said his generation, that of Pons, is a "sandwich" generation, because is it so among the elders who made the Transition and the smallest that are those of 15-M. Those who when the time came for relief, "has dispensed with us"," Those of the baby boom are transparent, we are the cake in a cream pie "and said that those of his generation have the"Prince Charles complex ”, who hope to inherit their parents and in the end our children inherit everything; a subtle critique of the new generation of politicians who has forgotten the 50s. That is the conclusion reached by the protagonist of the book, Jaime Monzón, and this is how he decides to escape. "The only goal is to save yourself and save love," a love story without more, without drops of autobiography, he said.

Pons said he was very excited about all the attendees he had gathered and joked that there would not be so many people at his funeral, "what they mean is that if I'm alive, it's a miracle."

Rajoy, the new "Ken Follet"

He emphasized mentioning Pablo Casado and confessed that he “I'm still in politics. I should have left the day Rajoy left because his way of doing politics was mine ”but I found in him a way of doing future politics that said“ I want it to be mine ”.

He thanked Rajoy by his presence and for being a "best seller author, because for him it's like having Ken Follet." He dedicated the book to his friend Paco Ganbús that is no longer there and the last message he came across was "I'll be in your book" and said "I know you're here." Also for Pabo Millán, who recently lost his wife.

Pons did an "exit from the literary closet", because he knows that "it is not well seen" that politicians want to go to the literary world, write novels or love verses. "I chose Maite and Borja because they had both left before me" from the closet for having already written novels and verses.

The MEP of the PP, Maite Pagazaurtundua acted as godmother and confessed that it was she who put him in touch with the publisher, Espasa, after Pons told him that he had written to love for three years. It is a "surprising" and "funny" story, written with intelligence where it talks about important things in an "indulgent" way in which there is always love for the human being. In the middle of characters "chuscos, surrealist characters", in the end, it surprises.

The PP MEP wrote the story waiting for flights, in the air, at the stations. "There is romantic love." A generational song, to what families are to filial love, misfortunes, problems of resistance and new opportunities. A book also very Valencian.

For the former leader of the PP, Borja Semper The task of presenting the book was a concern. "What if it is a bodio?" He asked himself, laughing among those present. "They were able to have a particular style that does not bother anyone" and said he has reflected in the book "what Esteban is"; a cheater book that plays with the reader, but above all it is an "honest" book. “Not only is it a physical book of love, it also talks about family and children.” “500 pages of love and humor, solid, fun.” “I love Esteban, but not in the physical sense ”, Which started again the laughter of the attendees.


The book brought together many politicians of the PP among which was Party leader Pablo Casado, the former president of the government Mariano Rajoy, the spokesman in the Senate, Javier Maroto, the secretary general of the PP, Teo García Egea the candidate for the lendakaritza Alfonso Alonso or numerous teammates such as MEPs and former MEPs, including Pablo Zalba, Carlos Irtugaiz, Teresa Jiménez Becerril, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, Luis de Grandes, among others.

PSOE attended the presentation MEPs José Blanco and Elena Valenciano and Citizens Luis Garicano and Maite Pagazaurtunda.


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