October 1, 2020

Pompeo urges Germany to defend "what we conquered" in 1989

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo summoned Germany on Friday not to forget that "freedom is never guaranteed" and to fight side by side with the US. against "authoritarian regimes" like Russia, China and Iran.

On the eve of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the secretary of state celebrated the "monumental victory," which "inspired others to free themselves from the Soviet empire."

"It was written about the end of the story, we thought that free societies would flourish everywhere," Pompeo said.

"But above all, we thought we could withdraw our resources from the alliances and armies that had guaranteed these freedoms; we were wrong," he said, pointing to the rise of authoritarianism and the need to invest in defense.

In his speech, delivered this Friday at the Körber Foundation in Berlin, Pompeo drew a world divided by the struggle of the "free nations" against those who do not share their values, and pointed out the duty to defend together "what we conquer with such difficulty , in 1776, 1945 and 1989 ".

Among the enemies of democracy, the secretary of state highlighted a Russia "led by a former KGB member stationed in Dresden", which invades its neighbors and represses political opponents both in national territory and in Ukraine.

Pompeo also accused the Chinese Communist Party of "designing a vision of authoritarianism that the world had not seen in a long time," being opposed to Europe allowing the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei to participate in the implementation of 5G networks.

Pompeo also asked for help from Europe to "pressure" Iran to "return to the negotiating table," analyzing recent citizen protests in Iraq and Lebanon as revolts against Tehran's influence.

Asked about the US withdrawal from northern Syria, the secretary of state refused to use "the wrong verb" and stressed that his country is still present in the area.

"We still have young officers on the ground," he said, noting that the US It intends to continue fighting the self-styled Islamic State (IS) and prevent its combatants from taking control of oil fields.

The secretary of state visited the cities of Leipzig and Halle (east) yesterday, accompanied by his German counterpart Heiko Maas, after having toured the small town of Modlareuth where Pompeo had served as an officer guarding the inter-German border.

This Friday Pompeo will meet Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as Defense Minister Annegret Kramp Karrenbauer, defender of an increase in military spending and a greater presence of Germany in international missions.

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