Polyconsumer, male, adult, with work and primary education, profile of the Spanish addict

One of the last oocaine seizures made by the National Police. / louis weave

Cocaine (30%) is the most consumed substance, followed by cannabis (17%), alcohol (16%), synthetic drugs (12%), stimulants (10%), heroin (6%) and tobacco (3%)

More than 35,000 people with addiction problems received help from the Addiction Care Network (UNAD) in 2021, almost 18% more than in 2020. 80% of those served were men, compared to 20% women, according to the UAND report that for the seventh year portrays the consumption habits of the population. Most of those who requested assistance are polyconsumers between 34 and 49 years old with primary studies and work.

Cocaine (30%) is the most consumed substance among polydrug users who attended or received support for the first time. It is followed by cannabis (17%), alcohol (16%), synthetic drugs (12%), stimulants (10%), heroin (6%) and tobacco (3%). Cocaine prevails in monoconsumption, with 40% of the total cases. 33% among men and 23% among women. Alcohol reaches 36% among addicts and 26% among addicts. 55% began consumption when they were still minors.

The report also highlights that women have more addiction problems with anxiolytics and sleeping pills, either with or without a prescription. This drug addiction affects 5% of the entire population served.

Game and gender

UNAD research also analyzes addictions without substances. Slot machines and online sports betting are the most common among men. Enter women is bingo, either in person in the game rooms or through digital platforms.

The employment gap marks a gender difference between people with addiction problems. Almost half of those affected are unemployed, unlike men, since addicts who requested assistance last year had a job in almost 50% of cases. This figure breaks the trend between drug addiction and marginality.

Catalonia appears once again as the community with the most people served, with 10,238. Canary Islands (4,796), Madrid (4,499) and Andalusia (3,919) follow. Where fewer attentions were made was in Navarra (104), La Rioja (306) and Castilla La Mancha (317).

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