Thu. Oct 17th, 2019

‘Polònia’ parody to Abascal by shooting in ‘El Hormiguero’

Before it happened, the satirical program
from TV3 he wanted to prophesy what the step of Santiago Abascal by
The Anthill
. A parody that although it does not fit in anything with reality, he put on the table the different themes with which this humor format counts to ironize about the leader of Vox. Among them, the issue of weapons. A very controversial aspect and that has given free rein in numerous television gatherings and that Poland he stopped with an armed Abascal and bundling to shots with Trancas and Barrancas.

Once again, the program pulls irony to explain the most controversial aspects of the figure of Santiago Abascal. An interview that, as we have advanced, has pulverized the audience record for The Anthill.

'Polònia': Ortega Smith and Abascal in 'El Hormiguero'

The sketch begins with Ortega Smith and Santiago Abascal in the dressing room moments before the candidate for the presidency of the Government in the next elections enters the set of Antena 2s. "I can not believe it! They have given us an hour of maximum audience in The Anthill, How lucky we were to hate blacks and not redheads!”, Celebrates the character that Ortega Smith embodies. Abascal, on the other hand, is especially nervous: “This is a family program, I can't insult anyone. In addition, there are ants that speak and I suspect that redheads have no soul. I'm going to screw it up! ”.

But once he enters the set, Abascal tries to stay calm. It is Trancas and Barrancas who finally disturb the politician who ends up pulling his rifle to the shout of: “What were you doing under the table, putting bombs?. It's a joke, I know you're not terrorists. You are not Catalan, right? ”

'Polònia': Abascal changes diapers in 'El Hormiguero'

Although in the actual interview of Motos to Abascal there was no interaction with games (as it happens with other guests), in the parody of Poland They did include this section of El Hormiguero. The test that the fictional Motos gave Abascal was to change a baby, something that Pablo Iglesias also had to do. But nevertheless, Abascal prefers to “give him a cigar and a bottle of cognac. I have changed him from boy to man. ”

The end of the sketch ends with a series of questions from the ants to Abascal, while he carries his rifle. "How are this program and Franco's toothpaste similar? When the two whitewash the fascist, ”they ask the politician to anger.

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