March 2, 2021

Polmica on La Palma for the relocation of Rubn, the priest who "unleashes envy" – La Provincia

Rarely the transfer of a priest has caused so much controversy in La Palma. Two mayors of the Island and numerous parishioners have expressed their displeasure at the decision that the young Rubén Gallego be sent back to his native León.

To know more about this priest, it is enough to read the letter that the mayor of Garafía sent to the media: "Don Rubén, a man who bothers those who did not want to know him, who has a peculiar sense of humor, capable of laughing at himself and his failures, which has unleashed envy and, above all, that has given North of La Palma more love than he has received, a man who does not believe himself to be divine, although his function is to make known the word of God, behind his image of modern healing is that of a priest who takes his ecclesiastical function very seriously, which strictly complies with the schedules of the Masses ".

Ruben bought a convertible on the day he was ordained a priest. It lasted only one morning in one of his appointments, after a lady called the bishop very angry. It happened in the Picos de Europa. But there, they also love it. He is a priest who swims with the young people of the place, who goes to the bar to watch soccer, who maintains an athletic body because he loves to play sports, and who is able to go to the home of the elderly for communion.

The bishopric is silent. It does not evaluate the transfer of Rubén Gallego. This wording tried, but there was no way. The priest does not want more trouble either. Enough already has, must think. What are repeated are the love demonstrations and not only of anonymous parishioners, also of municipal councilors.

The mayor of Tijarafe, Marcos Lorenzo, believer and practically, uses Facebook fascicles of the Bible to accompany news about the exile of Rubén. Phrases like "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled" (Matthew 5: 6); "I tell you that if these are silent the stones will shout" (Luke 19, 40), referring to the impact on the networks of their transfer … Goes further and expresses that "there is left to one the restlessness of the well-founded suspicion that Behind his exile lies the punishment of his superiors for being what he is: a secular priest given to participate in the same experiences that his own parishioners live day by day, in short, a priest who walks among the people and who, for it, the people want it. "

They send it to Leon. Her land. From the Bishopric they remember that sometimes they come cures of other territories "for live new experiences or to be recycled "and then they return to their Diocese, avoid giving greater importance to the case of Rubén, they take it, at least out of doors, like any other transfer, but in reality it is not.

The parishioners have buried their transfer and ask to return to the parishes of Valdeón Valley. There was also not liked by the Bishop of León. As in the Diocese Nivariense, they were not (nor are) used to a priest who goes out to take the word of God.

The newspaper of Valderreda tells that "Valdeón Valley neighbors they do not hide their illusion I can return to the Picos de Europa, because in this parish he performed a great function during the years he stayed there. "They are waiting for him with open arms.

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