Polmica by the photo of a couple kissing next to the len that they have just hunted - La Provincia

The picture of a couple of Canadians kissing next to a seemingly dead lion, which they would have killed in a safari in South Africa, has reopened andThe debate on the hunting of these animals In the continent.

The controversial image of Darren and Carolyn Carter was published by the Legelela Safaris, one of the companies that organize this type of activities, which could also include as targets leopards, rhinos and elephants. In many cases, in addition, they are specimens bred in captivity and, therefore, not completely wild.

"Hard work under the hot sun of the Kalahari € Well done, a lion monster", could be read next to the image, denounced by the British newspaper Daily Mirror, which has taken the opportunity to launch a campaign against these activities.

It is not the first time that the exhibition of this type of images creates controversy by the use of these animals to satisfy the desires of a very particular tourism, that seeks to hunt specimens of species in vulnerable situation or, simply, an image to exhibit on the internet .

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