July 7, 2020

POLITICAL MINUTE | Only debate among six-day candidates for elections

Rain of surveys on the last day they can be submitted. With disparate results, they coincide in pointing out the socialist victory, the stagnation of the growth of the PP, the rise of Vox as a third force and the closeness between the two blocks. These are the surveys published today:

In The World (Sigma Two): The PSOE wins with between 118 and 126 seats. The PP follows with between 89 and 97 representatives. United Podemos and Vox compete for being third force. The first would have between 35 and 40 seats and the second between 39 and 44. Citizens would get between 16 and 19 deputies. More Country adds 3 or 4 seats. The right adds between 144 and 160 representatives and the left between 156 and 170.

On ABC (GAD3): The PSOE wins again with between 120 and 123 seats. The PP, second force with between 92 and 95. Vox shoots as third force with 49 seats. United We collapses to between 28 and 31. Citizens would get 15 and More Country, 3. The right sum between 156 and 159 seats and the left between 151 and 157.

In Reason (NC Report): The PSOE would get between 114 and 122 seats. The PP, second force, would reach between 99 and 107 seats. Vox, on the rise in recent weeks, would have 37 or 39 seats. United We can, 32 representatives. Citizens falls to 15. More Country debuts with 4. The right adds between 151 and 161 and the left, between 150 and 158.

In The Confidential (IMOP Insights): The PSOE would win with a fork between 118 and 128 seats. The PP follows, with between 81 and 90 seats. Vox would have between 42 and 50 representatives. United We could fall to the fork between 29 and 34 representatives. Citizens would add between 19 and 24. More Country would enter with between 3 and 5 seats. The left adds between 150 and 167 and the right, between 142 and 164.

In Spanish (Sociometric): The PSOE would fall with between 110 and 119 seats. The PP would add between 93 and 100 seats. Vox would have between 42 and 48 representatives. United We can, between 36 and 40. Citizens between 15 and 18. More Country, with between 1 and 3. The left adds between 147 and 162 and the right, between 150 and 166.

Henneo Group (Ipsos): The PSOE would win with between 110 and 121 seats. The PP would get between 84 and 95. Vox, between 38 and 52 representatives. United We could add between 31 and 40. Citizens, between 18 and 31, and More Country, with 5. The left would get between 146 and 166 seats and the right between 140 and 178. It is the only one that gives it the possibility of an absolute majority of the right.

The Voice of Galicia (Sondaxe): The PSOE would win with 114 seats. The PP follows with 96 representatives. Vox is third force with 42. United We would be with 32. Citizens would add 18 and More Country, 5. The right would win with 170 seats, compared to 151 on the left.

Infolibre (SW Demoscopy): The PSOE would win with 126 seats. The PP would add 89 representatives. Vox would get 44 seats. United We can, 36 representatives. Citizens falls to 16 seats. And More Country enters with 4. The left wins with 166 seats, compared to 149 on the right.

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