June 1, 2020

Political forces begin to search for a new election date in Bolivia

Eight Bolivian political forces began looking for a new date for the general elections on Monday after endorsing the electoral body’s decision to postpone them until after May 3 as planned, due to the coronavirus pandemic.


The president of the Supreme Electoral Court, Salvador Romero, told the media in La Paz that he met with representatives of the eight political forces that appear in the general elections to seek “consensus” for a new date.

“All the candidates have expressed their support for the position taken by the electoral court,” he said.

Romero indicated that meetings will continue with the delegates of the eight political forces, which are likely to be virtual due to the situation in the country, where quarantine has been declared.

“We are seeking to arrange a date for the elections that at the same time preserves and guarantees a free and transparent election that takes into account the need to preserve the health of Bolivians,” he said.


Last Saturday the electoral body announced the postponement of the electoral calendar as a result of the determination of the interim Government of Bolivia to enter quarantine for fourteen days to stop the spread of coronavirus.

In Bolivia there are 27 confirmed cases of coronavirus, according to the latest report from the Ministry of Health.

The interim government took measures such as declaring a national emergency, the prohibition of massive events, the closing of borders, the suppression of flights and the restriction of transport within the country, among others.

Bolivia will return to the polls after the failed elections last October, which were canceled after international organizations such as the Organization of American States (OAS) warned of irregularities, among allegations of an alleged electoral fraud in favor of Evo Morales, who had been declared winner for a fourth consecutive term.

Then-President Evo Morales announced in November his resignation, denouncing that he was forced to leave power by a coup d’etat to overthrow him and deprive him of a victory at the ballot box amid pressure from police and military leaders, among others.


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