Polish ambition gains height

Polish ambition gains height


Critics and the opposition call it a nationalist megalomania; The truth is that the project has already been dispatched: Poland wants the largest airport in Europe. Taking advantage of the continuous delays in the construction of the Berlin airport, Warsaw expects to compete in number of passengers with Charles de Gaulle, Heathrow, Schiphol and Frankfurt. According to the director of the Polish airline LOT, Rafal Milczarski, the mega airport will begin construction in 2021 and will have an investment of more than 16,000 million euros. It will be located on the outskirts of Warsaw in the small town of Baranow and would start operating in 2027 with an initial capacity of 45 million passengers per year that could be extended up to 100 million (Heathrow counts 78 and Charles de Gaulle 70 million).

Warsaw wants to show the growing economic influence of the country and LOT dreams of a modern airport that is positioned as a hub of international airlines in Eastern Europe. 40 kilometers from the now quiet town of Baranow is the Polish capital and its airport Warsaw-Chopin -in honor of the composer- inaugurated in 1934 and last updated in 2012, an airport that will be in the limit in 4 more years maximum capacity (20 million passengers) and that can not be extended by the buildings that surround it. The new airport that would be 15 minutes from the center of Warsaw It fits LOT's ambitions: tripling passenger traffic and boosting long distance services to Asia and America.

Overcoming London, Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt will take your time: por at least until 2030 it would house 45 million passengers, then in additional expansion phases, tracks and terminals could be added, increasing to a capacity of 100 million passengers. According to the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Mikolaj Wild, in charge of overseeing the project, "this is the largest company in the country's modern history" that reflects its economic health: Poland – the sixth most populous nation in the EU – is growing an average of 3.3% per year in recent years, ranking at number 8 among the countries of the bloc.

The most critical think that the money should be spent on highways, railways and the updating of Chopin and a second airport located 40 km north of Warsaw. The inhabitants of Baranow voted against the plan, but Warsaw does not renounce the project and will initially allocate it around 8,150 million. In addition, the Government insists on the strength of the project as it is the best way, they say, to guarantee the role of LOT and Poland in the global economy.


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