Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Police value illicit medicines seized in Bolivia in one million dollars

Police value illicit medicines seized in Bolivia in one million dollars

An operative of the Bolivian Police confiscated medicines for an estimated value of one million dollars, within the framework of the investigation of a network of counterfeit drugs that calls into question the sanitary controls in the country, informed police sources on Monday.

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At a press conference, the commander of the Special Force to Fight Crime in La Paz (FELCC), Colonel Jhonny Aguilera, mentioned that the estimate corresponds to the "sale price" of the adulterated products, in a business that he considered could be be done without any investment.

In an operation on the night of last Friday, the police arrested two people accused of being part of the network, which allegedly was responsible for the distribution and sale of adulterated drugs.

Aguilera assured that the economic benefits of the business "are very important", since as a result of the sales of only two days, the police found about 72,000 dollars in a cash register.

The uniformed one affirmed that the supposed implied in this activity tried to confuse to the Police, changing the place of deposit of the merchandise and doing the deliveries in boxes of cookies so that the load happened unnoticed.

The Bolivian Police also estimates that part of the activity of this group is related to the sale of contraband drugs that usually come from the Peruvian and Colombian markets.

So far the authorities detained fifteen people, of which ten were incarcerated while three were subjected to house arrest, while the last two will be put before a judge who will define whether or not they go to prison.

In turn, the commander of the Bolivian Police, Rómulo Delgado, told the media on Monday that they are "intensifying the work" to find more members of the network.

This organization altered medications by filling them with corn starch, water with dye, stucco or flour, recycling garbage cans and hospitals, according to the police.

This case was discovered as a result of an operation by the Bolivian Police on February 16 at an alcohol store that was owned by some Peruvians, where drugs were found in boxes.

The investigation determined that the Bolivian population of Desaguadero, bordering Peru, was the epicenter of the activity, since the containers that were collected in La Paz were filled there and then had to be delivered with false drugs in other Bolivian cities and in rural areas. .

The case took so much notoriety that the Bolivian president, Evo Morales, called for a thorough investigation so that there are sanctions "exemplifying" those responsible.

The Public Prosecutor's Office warned that public entities such as the State Agency for Medicines (Agemed) and the Departmental Health Service of La Paz may have failed to perform their duties due to the lack of control over the sale of medicines.


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