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Police | Television | THE COUNTRY

Calle 13 (Movistar +) has always specialized in police series. The second season of the French Missing in the lake narrates the search for a serial killer, a psychopath who kills single women who seduce in digital pages of encounters, something that can be rewarding or a weapon of mass destruction. They are, as Nathanael West would say, "young ladies with a lonely heart".

The investigations are conducted by Commander Lise Stocker in collaboration with her husband, the captain of the gendarmerie Clovis Bouvier. Idyllic places, comfortable houses, high-end vehicles as often described to those seized from drug traffickers, clean streets, happy children, a mother-in-law with Alzheimer's, another castrante and a deranged person who murders everywhere.

With a functional script, his biggest problem is the abuse of habitual suspects. Almost in each episode the viewer suspects one of the co-stars, an assumption, naturally, induced by the creators of the series, which in the last two chapters will be forced to show an excess of events that dismiss the innocent and explain the trajectory of the psychopath.

An entertaining series in which, faithful to the topic of "the French", feelings and infidelities are almost as important as crimes. An idea about personal relationships in France that, seen from here, can be summarized in the question that Luis Ciges does to José Luis de Vilallonga in National III: "Is it true that in Paris he fucks even in the portals?" In short, naked ordinariez in front of common place.

The devotion of the channel by the police has become emblematic with this phenomenon that was Law, first, and now Law and order: Special Victims Unit, one of the longest-running television series. The first, created by that television institution that is Dick Wolf, was broadcast 20 years by the NBC network and its time on the air in the US was only surpassed by The Simpson. The sequel takes 418 chapters.


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