July 14, 2020

Police response to LaLiga footballer who was outraged when fined

Pedro Porro was fined by the Valladolid Police, then he was indignant and then asked for forgiveness. The Valladolid Police responded: “We accept your apology. These are difficult days for everyone ”, he wrote on Twitter.

We accept your apology. These are difficult days for everyone “

“This morning I made a mistake and I want to publicly apologize for it. I have traveled with my vehicle to the center of Valladolid for a product that we did not have at home. I live in Boecillo and neither here nor in Laguna was it possible to get it, “the soccer player had written on the net. , which led to the opening of a sanction file that, of course, I will take on, ”he described.

“Since the State of Alarm was decreed I have respected quarantine to the maximum, but today I have been wrong and I hope it will help other people to think twice before moving without being a cause of force. Mayr. I take this opportunity to apologize to the local police officers of Valladolid who stopped me for the tension of the moment and for my subsequent words. They, like all the Corps and State Security Forces, were doing nothing but their job, that of protecting all of us.


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