Police report ten wounded officers and NGOs complain about lack of details

Police report ten wounded officers and NGOs complain about lack of details

The National Police has informed this Saturday of an attempt of escape without success in the CIE of Aluche, the center of immigration detention of the Community of Madrid. The authorities make a balance of ten injured among the agents and one injured among the center's inmates. The organization Sos Racismo has tried to collect data but for the moment it has not been able to speak with anyone in the center and lament the "lack of details" in the police statement, in statements of a spokesperson to eldiario.es. The NGOs have systematically reiterated their complaint about the lack of access to independent information about what happens inside the centers, where in this sense they do not even meet the standards of a prison.

According to Efe police sources, eight of the injured agents have been of slight prognosis and two have been evacuated to hospital centers, one of them by a breach in the head and the other by a fracture in the hand.

None of the inmates managed to leave the CIE, according to Efe sources from the Police Headquarters of Madrid. Other sources have explained to Efe that the inmates have emptied the fire extinguishers inside the installations and have used as banks rams of the center.

Apparently, the altercation took place after dinner, at the time in which the medication is usually distributed to the inmates who need it, according to detailed police sources. In the CIE of Aluche there are currently some 170 internal immigrants, of whom approximately 60 or 70 are of Algerian origin, a community that has been the protagonist of the last escape attempts in the center.


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