June 21, 2021

Police release five sexually exploited women in Granada

Police release five sexually exploited women in Granada

Agents of the National Police have released five women of Ukrainian and Russian origin who were being sexually exploited in Granada. During the operation, four people were arrested, three of whom are in provisional detention. The victims were captured through social networks with false offers of work with which they believed they were going to charge up to 3,000 euros per month. The agents have verified the existence of direct connection of the operators in Spain with the catchment network in the countries of origin, through new technologies.

They were given rules they had to comply with if they did not want to be fined

The investigations began when the agents learned of the existence of an organized group dedicated to the sexual exploitation of women from Russia and Ukraine. The victims were prostitutes in a hostess club in Granada. After several researches by researchers, it was possible to find out that the recruitment took place through the internet and social networks, through false offers of employment in which women were sought to work abroad as event hostesses or disco cheerleaders for a salary of up to 3,000 euros per month.

The reality was that, once they arrived in Granada, they were picked up by the leader of the organization and that same night they were transferred to the club where they would have to carry out their work, realizing that his job would be prostitution.

The women were housed in apartments shared by other working women of the same club, which were in the same situation. They were given a series of rules that had to be met if they did not want to be fined or expelled from the apartment, having to pay the amount of five euros a day for accommodation.

Purchase of human beings by telematic means

At the time when the exploiters wanted new girls to be exploited, they contacted the network of collectors in the countries of origin via social networks or instant messaging programs over the Internet, making payments by sending money through companies. dedicated to this matter. According to one of the victims, they used to choose very young girls with economic problems, being these more easily subject them, so that when they realized their true situation it would be easier for them to bend them.

The victims were forced by the head of the network to carry out sexual services with clients, resorting to threats with economic fines (from 50 to 100 euros) or leaving them in the street without resources in an unknown country of not carrying out the demanded demands by the criminal group.

In the police operation the release of 5 victims was achieved and two registrations were made in a hostess club and in an address in Granada, locating a firearm, 1040 euros in cash and different amounts of marijuana.


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