May 31, 2020

Police officers held by indigenous protesters in Quito say they are well

The eight police officers, a woman among them, held Thursday by the Indians gathered at the House of Culture (CCE) in Quito, are well, confirmed one of the law enforcement officers involved.

"We are fine, they have not mistreated us," Darwin Lárraga said in confirming that they are eight detained law enforcement officers.

The president of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie), Jaime Vargas, told Efe that the detainees will fulfill a "mission."

"They are going to carry the coffin of the dead ones and we are going to do some walks, and then they will go to the house and we will deliver them like that of sanitos (sic)," the indigenous leader added.

According to the Ombudsman's Office, an indigenous protester died in protests held in Quito on Wednesday against the elimination of fuel subsidies, which resulted in the rising cost of fuel.

Asked by Efe about the "mission" mentioned by Vargas, Lárraga said they have no information.

"So far we are fine, hopefully things stay that way," he said, noting that they currently have no communication radios and have not been able to contact the authorities.

On the stage of the Agora of the House of Culture, one of the retained policemen was surrounded by a tricolor flag of Ecuador, while another and the woman agent of the order were placed a handkerchief distinctive of indigenous nationalities.

Regarding the agents withheld, the Conaie said in a statement that "human, physical and psychological rights, and survival in situations of social upheaval, contemplated in the Constitution of the Republic and other international instruments" are guaranteed.

The Ombudsman, Freddy Intriago, went to the House of Culture, located in the north center of Quito, in order to learn about the situation of the detained police members and the indigenous protesters who arrived in Quito from inside the country.

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