August 14, 2020

Police investigate a meeting that caused the quarantine of 27 people in Córdoba

The National Police investigates the circumstances in which a meeting of 27 people was held last Tuesday in a private house in Córdoba, in which at least one person tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday, which has forced the quarantine of all of them.

The Government Sub-delegation informed the National Police of these events after receiving a letter from the Andalusian Government, in anticipation that irregularities may have been committed, Efe sources from the regional government informed Efe.

Both the head of the Subdelegation, Rafaela Valenzuela, and the delegate of Security of the City of Cordoba, Miguel Ángel Torrico (PP), have expressed their outrage at the events.

In the opinion of the former, this type of attitude “puts at risk everything achieved in an exemplary manner by the Cordovan society during the state of alarm and confinement”, while for Torrico it is “totally irresponsible” events.

The Andalusian Government specified that the person who tested positive had traveled from Belgium.

Twenty-two of the twenty-seven participants were located without problems in Córdoba, but with the other five, residing in Seville, it was not possible to contact them by telephone, although they were eventually found by the Seville Health District.

The latest relaxation of restrictions on the declaration of the state of alarm in application of phase 2 of the plan for the transition to a new normality limits to fifteen the number of people who can meet, maintaining security and hygiene measures, among which is the one with the minimum distance of two meters.

It also only allows displacement to another part of the national territory that is not the place of residence “for health, work, professional or business reasons, return to the place of family residence, assistance and care of the elderly, dependents or people with disabilities, cause of force majeure or a situation of need or any other of a similar nature “, according to the Order of the Ministry of Health on May 16.


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