July 24, 2021

Police find evidence that BBVA commissioned Villarejo to spy on judges | Economy

BBVA allegedly commissioned Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo spy on judges, as can be seen from the documentation incorporated in the separate piece number 9 of the summary that the National Court instructs on the activities of the retired police officer, in which his relationship with the financial entity is investigated.

Among that documentation, apart from which EL PAÍS has had access, a report appears that the Internal Affairs Unit (UAI) of the Police sent to judge Manuel García-Castellón in January 2019 in which he reported the discovery of an email exchanged in November 2013 between the police partner, lawyer Rafael Redondo, and the then head of security of the financial entity, Julio Corrochano, who had held high operational responsibilities in the Police.

The e-mail addresses the inquiries that the commissioner was going to conduct on a meeting organized by Ausbanc, the consumer association headed by Luis Pineda, where magistrates were going to participate. BBVA had commissioned Villarejo to investigate Pineda, whom he accused of blackmailing him.

In the matter of the message exchanged between Redondo and Corrochano – both charged in the case – there is a reference to the IX Justice Forum in Madrid, which Ausbanc celebrated that year. Villarejo prepared several reports on this meeting, in which he detailed the judges who had attended and included photos of it taken clandestinely. The police report explains that several copies of this email were found in the computer equipment intervened during the 2017 registry in which Villarejo and Redondo himself were arrested in the latter’s home in the Madrid town of Galapagar. The electronic message was found in what has been judicially called “evidence GT20, GT26 and GT28”.

The message is dated November 25, 2013, three days before the conference organized that year by Ausbanc on justice. These included, among others, the then magistrates of the National Audience Ángel Juanes (who was the president of this judicial body), Javier Gómez Bermúdez and José Ricardo de Prada.

From that forum, which lasted two days, Villarejo prepared a five-page report in which, in addition to detailing who had attended, it included comments on the relationship the judges showed with Pineda. “Gómez Bermúdez gives Teresa Cuadrado two kisses [mujer del presidente de Ausbanc], which is moderating the table of speakers of the day. When he sits down, he crosses his gaze with Pineda and friendly gestures are exchanged, “he picks up the document as a remarkable fact that occurs at 10.25 on the second day of the conference.

Further on, he emphasizes that “Pineda also speaks with Judge José Ricardo de Prada”. It concludes with two questions: “Is Pineda working on the judges of the AN [Audiencia Nacional] living room [de lo] Criminal for Clean Hands [en referencia al pseudosindicato de Miguel Bernard]? Right to forget? “

The report also details that Pineda meets Luis del Rivero, then president of Sacyr, and then eats with several of the speakers in a private room of the hotel where the conference takes place, including Judge Ángel Juanes. “Access to images impossible despite having tried. It is a small room, with a table enabled for 16 people,” details the report on the attempt to photograph attendees. However, Villarejo’s report includes 63 mediocre quality photographs of different moments of the conference apparently taken in a discreet manner so as not to be discovered. One of the images shows, even, the bag that Ausbanc gave to the assistants with a gift. The report also incorporated four audios recorded during the presentations.

The report on the forum referred to by the email intervened by the Police is part of the commission allegedly made by BBVA to Commissioner Villarejo in what they named Pin Project, in reference to Pineda, with which the entity allegedly tried to discredit the president of Ausbanc.

Pineda’s defense, which last week the National Court began judging by the alleged blackmail of several financial entities, including BBVA, on Tuesday asked for the suspension of the hearing to analyze the documentation in the case summary Villarejo and whose secret has been raised now. Pineda’s lawyers say they report her anonymously, which began the Operation Nelson which has resulted in the trial against this and the leader of the pseudosindicato Manos Limpias, Miguel Bernard, was made, precisely, by Villarejo with the reports that he prepared for the entity presided by Francisco González.

In this Pin Project there are other documents in which Villarejo collected data from judges allegedly commissioned by BBVA. So figure a list in which 172 magistrates are classified into three categories. One corresponds to those who attended the paid conferences of Ausbanc. A second, to those who had somehow intervened in the demands that Pineda’s organization had filed against banks. And a third that detailed who had failed in favor of it. In total, the identity of 172 magistrates is included in the documentation, as eldiario.es advanced in its day. There is also a folder entitled “judicial mafia.”


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