Police detect about twenty “illegal” drones every day

A patrol is sent to the place from the 091 control center to identify the pilot and punish him. They can face fines of up to 4.5 million euros

Although most people don't know it, in Madrid you can't fly drones practically anywhere. The regulations are clear and establish a security perimeter around sensitive places: airports (and here we have Barajas, Torrejón, Cuatro Vientos or Getafe), hospitals (many have heliports) or enclaves of special security such as Palacio Real, Zarzuela or Moncloa, so most of the territory is out of the game. Despite this, different types of drones fly over the Community of Madrid on a daily basis and, in order to avoid that in addition to skipping the regulations, they may cause greater damage, the National Police has been using the so-called one and a half years ago “Caelus” system (God of heaven in Roman mythology), integrated in the area of ​​Telecommunications and whose "eyes" are in Room 091 of the Superior Police Headquarters in Madrid. Every day they detect between 20 and 25 drones that fly over a height too high or in specially protected areas. Of these, half a dozen are really a potential danger to citizens. Like last Thursday, when a man was identified and proposed for sanction for violation of the Citizen Security Law after flying his device from the Debod Temple to the Royal Palace at a height of 209 meters. It jumps directly on the 091 screen after being detected by some antennas strategically placed in some buildings. Next, the serial number, model, system identification, flight duration and maximum height are recorded. “As soon as it is located, a Citizen Security patrol goes out there and identifies the person who is driving it,” says Inspector Boto, responsible for the drone alert service. There is also a neutralizer for these devices, an artifact that looks like a "weapon of war" that works on the frequency of the device so that it returns to the place of departure in a few seconds.

Although every day the alarm goes off “20 or 25 times”, according to the inspector, not all are proposed for sanction. "It is not the same a child playing in the park of El Retiro than someone who intends to fly over the Metropolitan Wanda," he explains, as happened in the final in the 2018 Champions League, when this police control system was created that coordinates with Guardia Civil.

"It's not a toy"

Fines can reach 4.5 million euros and crimes can be incurred; that is there is not always "alone" in economic sanction. According to the Police, throughout the month of January 117 illegal flights were detected and the pilots who operated from private homes, public roads or hotels were identified. The Police remember that you must always request an authorization through drones.enaire.es and that it is not a toy that can be used in any way because it can endanger air safety, as happened last Monday in Barajas, when the airspace was closed for a few hours after detecting a drone in the area of ​​Paracuellos del Jarama whose head still would not have been identified.


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