Police count three positives and Civil Guard four, while Prisons has two cases

According to these sources, the three cases in the National Police correspond to agents from León, Málaga and Móstoles (Madrid). In the case of the Civil Guard, there are three positives in Asturias and one more in Valdemoro (Madrid), specifically an agent of the arms service.

Both the Police and the Civil Guard yesterday suspended their academic activity in Madrid and in areas with more cases of coronavirus, following the recommendations of the health authorities. This Wednesday, the General Directorate of the Police has informed that it has suspended the jury of the XXVI Promotion of Chief Inspectors that had been scheduled in Carabanchel (Madrid) on March 18 and 19.

Police unions and civil guard associations - as well as prison organizations - have called for more preventive measures and that flexibility in schedules be provided for those agents who have children whose classes have been suspended. They demand that other offices be closed, such as the Police School in Ávila.

The aforementioned sources of the general directorates of the Ministry of Interior point out that the first preventive measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus have been activated since the end of January and that it is the health authorities that have to adopt reinforcement measures.

Until now it is advisable to wear gloves and masks, keep at least 1.5 meters away, maximize hygiene when coughing or sneezing, as well as isolate people who have symptoms, then close the police units where attention has been paid, Waiting for disinfection.

Prison Institutions have also taken measures such as limiting communications with the inmates of the prisons in affected areas so that they are only carried out through the call center. Penitentiary sources indicate that in prisons such as Soto del Real (Madrid) modules have been reorganized to avoid income problems, since in all prisons health controls have to be carried out for inmates who access for the first time or return from a permit.


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