February 25, 2021

Police collaborate in an operation in the United Kingdom against the import of firearms handled for real fire

The operation, developed in the United Kingdom, has resulted in a total of 100 weapons seized and 27 arrested. Among those arrested, some of them with criminal records for robbery with weapons or illegal possession of weapons, is an English citizen who had recently shown an extremely radical and violent religious profile that caused the British authorities to focus their investigations on him.

The operation seeks to prevent items of modified firearms from reaching people or organizations for terrorist or criminal purposes and the seized material involves the withdrawal of an important item within the market for the illegal sale of weapons in Europe.

Within the framework of this operation, a coordination center was established in the city of Birmingham to concentrate the execution and results of the police actions, to which specialized investigators of the General Information Commission of the National Police were incorporated to coordinate the investigative links and the information that could be revealed and that had connection with Spain.

The exchange of information between the police of both countries made it possible for the National Police to provide relevant information and analysis on different armories in Spain, some of them with an important role in the distribution of detonating weapons in the United Kingdom.

Thus, it has been proven that these weapons have been modified to produce real fire and that they have been involved in the commission of violent crimes, including homicides. The arrests have been made in the cities of London, Manchester, Cambridge, Glasgow, Newcastle, Oxford, Belfast or Bristol, among others.

British law prohibits the sale and acquisition of so-called detonating weapons or front-vent firearms. In the United Kingdom, more than 40% of firearms recovered between 2016 and 2017 were weapons manufactured abroad that had been reconverted, modified or reactivated, having increased the commission of criminal acts using firearms by 27% , according to data available to the National Crime Agency.

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