Police are investigating those who took photos with Maradona's body

Argentine flag with the image of Maradona.

Argentine flag with the image of Maradona.

The Attorney General of the City of Buenos Aires Together with the capital police, this Friday carried out three searches simultaneously against the three people who were photographed with the body of Diego Maradona, sources of the investigation informed Efe.

The three former employees of the Funeral Home Sepelios Pinier, who took care of the corpse of the soccer star, who died at the age of 60 last Wednesday, will be summoned to testify by the Prosecutor's Office but were not arrested because the alleged crimes committed are not criminal.

The Criminal, Misconduct and Misdemeanor Prosecutor's Office Number 25 of Buenos Aires will cite them in principle for alleged desecration of a corpse and it is possible that they are also accused of violation of "very personal rights".

The publication of photographs by employees with the body of Maradona, some images that were taken before Diego's body left for the Casa Rosada, where he was veiled, and that they went around the world on Thursday.

Original photographs show Maradona's lifeless body that it has not been possible to see in any other way since during the wake the coffin remained closed.

During the searches against these three people, the Police seized three mobile phones, a laptop, a USB stick and several shirts that They matched the clothes that those investigated were wearing at the time of taking the photos.

The searches were carried out in a private house, a garage - where documentary information was seized - and the place where Maradona's body was prepared, where afinalized the place from which the images were taken and where forensic analyzes were performed.

All the dependencies in which the Prosecutor's Office and the Police acted are located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of La Paternal.

The sources consulted detailed that the day they will be cited will not be revealed; because the defendants, who face financial fines and de two to ten days of arrest, they fear for their safety.

This same Friday, one of the former employees of the funeral home, a 48-year-old man named Claudio who appears in one of the photos with his 18-year-old son and the body of Maradona, He apologized publicly on a local radio show.

Claudio released the company from responsibility and he said that he receives telephone threats from a group of the fans of the Argentinos Juniors club, where Maradona made his debut and that it is also the neighborhood club where they worked.

"We were already getting ready to take him. And they call me 'skinny', and My son, like every kid, raised his finger and they took the photo. I ask everyone for respect and forgiveness. Look, I did the service to Maradona's father and brother-in-law, and I never did. I was with Maradona close in life. I did not do it in life knowing that he is my idol, I will not do it after death. It was not my intention. I know that many people have been offended and have taken it the wrong way, "he declared on Radio 10.

Claudio said that He was fired from the Pinier Sepelios company, in which he had worked for seven years, and that the funeral home is a company that has worked with the entire Maradona family.

"I am receiving threats, because they know me, I am from the neighborhood. People who annoyed him. That they are going to kill us, that they are going to break my truck. My children ... ", said Claudio." I do not want to throw anything on them who are defending an idol, "he added.


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